Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Remember that book I promised you?
It is now available on Blurb!

The book is 270 pages long, and it is available in softcover and hardcover formats.
Every comic is included with original caption!
Also includes all new commentary!

Here is your teaser/preview:


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  2. You! Yes, you! Okay, not you, Roz, I know you already have one. But all you other yous, you need to buy this book! Stop trying to impress people with that coffee table book on architecture or Picasso and put some art you care about on that furniture, because let's face it, how much do you really have in common with a 12th century French draftsman? Probably nothing. Ask yourself this- how much do I have in common with the Napkin People family? Probably more than you realize. Bam! Pow! A conversation is born.

    So buy the book. Read it. Smile a little bit more during the day. That's what this strip is all about.

    (Edited because I was smiling so much I forgot to proofread. Now that's magic.)